Twenty twenty

What a weird, frustrating and transitory year 2019 turned out to be for me. If I were to have written this post a few months back, or even just a month ago, I can’t say I would have reflected back on the year and called it a “transition” one — because it felt mostly hellish.

Without getting into specifics — as those closest are aware of details — 2019 presented health challenges for me that I’ve never been through before. As an active, fit, “millennial”, it was quite devastating to find myself falling inside a seemingly endless pain spiral which knew no end. After months of searching for answers, followed by many more months of trialing different treatment protocols, it was extremely disheartening to seem like I was not getting any better. I’m actually not transparent at all when it comes to my personal life, at least over the internet, but I’ve come to find that writing has been a useful tool for overcoming certain mental stagnations and may be the final piece in my health and well-being jigsaw puzzle. But, the first sign of a breakthrough only came towards the end of November and really only in the month of December. And this is just the start of this chapter. But, I feel as if I’ve turned a corner and am, finally, on my way. On my way to doing all the things I’ve put on hold (like the baby-one-kilometer-run I went on today at 6:59/km pace) or missed out on. And now with the first day of the year (and decade) here, I’m eager to start it the same way I ended the last — up and at ’em. I’m so happy to be here.

And for 2020, and what the year holds? First and foremost striving for good health, and the upkeep of that. Everything else is gravy. I’ve got some big things lined up like my mindfulness-inspired ‘personal care’ project (more on that soon) and the resurrection of my email newsletter, The Considered (though the format might change). Also, travel. Lots, and lots of travels. As I said, though, these are gravy.

Let’s re-connect in 2020 (and in-person), and wishing you a year of health, abundance and gravy.

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